Monday, May 2, 2011

review Facts for exam

  • Picasso first pioneered in cubism but later also practiced expressionism
  • Napoleon's continental system was aimed to-destroy british economy by boycotting british goods
  • afte war of Austrian succession-mara theresa was disappointed because fredrick kept silesia which he had seized in 1740
  • laissez-faire- means free trade-wealth is in a nations productive capability
  • Yugoslavia in the 1980's differed from Yugoslavia in the 1960's except- YUgoslavia no longer answered to the soviet union
  • in the early 20th century, before World War I, what france sot resented about Germany was its seizure of alsace and lorraine in 1871 in Franco-Prussian war
  • England did not accept the Gregorian calendar of 1582 until the middle of the 18th century because Protestants refused to accept a "catholic" calendar
  • after the assassination of Francis Ferdinand in 1914, serbie agreed to all of Austria's demands except allowing asutria to enter Serbia to search out threats
  • lenin and bolsheviks promised peace and land (bread) to peasants
  • art movements between the world wars reflected no longer making sense-dada
  • william harvey-circulation of blur
  • postwar similarity between WWI and WWII-recovery from damage and deprivation in Russia
  • HItlers Beer hall Putch in Munish in 1923 was geared to take over the government as Mussilinni had in Italy
  • the pretender generally refers to James II and his defendants who fled ENlgand in 1688 in the wake of the accession WIlliam and Mary
  • main consequence of the Dreyfus Affair in late 19th century France was-negative images of the Church and separation of schurch and state in 1906
  • Chapelier Law in France came about during the revolution-decalred labor unions and strikes illegal
  • In england, the first country to implement machinery was in -textiles
  • Themidorean Reaction-end of the terror
  • 18th century england was a time when parliament was able to strengthen its power over the monarchy mainly because the first two Hanover kinds hardly spoke enlgsh were unconcerned with english affairs
  • calvinism spread to n. america brit colonies, scotland, holland, and south african NOT NOT NOT NOT PARIS
  • GALLIPOLI-1915-an allied attempt to break into the Black Sea and connect with Russia
  • Lenin instituted the New economic Plan (NEO) to increase food supply and other products
  • following WWII, the general attitude of the Russian civilizations was great patriotism and optimism
  • Under NATO agreement, Germany was not allowed to develop nuclear weapons
  • First Russian leader to discuss the "crimes" of Stalin was KHRUSHCHEV
  • The schlieffen Plan in place in Germany on the eve of WWI had been altered to bolster Alsace and Lorraine
  • English clergyman John Wesley was part of a movement called the "great awakening" which emphasized personal, emotion religious experience; public confession of sins; caring for the poor, the sick and prisoners; outdoor, evangelical services

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