Tuesday, May 3, 2011

liberation of camps

Buchenbald concentration camp
liberated by us force-the day before Roosevelt died
us troops ordered german civilians to come see the camp-propaganda was untrue
all of them who found nazism a profitable faith came in nice suits-living looked at dead
nazi people could not believe the sight and the smells -
trucks full of bodies that were unable to burn
not their guilt-this camp was in their town but they had never come there-they were blameless they felt-but were they?

DACHAU-hundreds killed
after years of indescribable torture, the survivors were distraught and confused
millions had died-6 million jews-only 70,000 jewish survivors
the worst sin of the germans is tha they taught the germans to hate-longstanding contempt

Berlin May 1945-
battle fo berlin was won by the red army soviet celebration

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