Monday, May 2, 2011


  • back to 1920's Hitler bagman to write that the Jews were the roots of all of Germany's problems
  • all of these ideas were put into German law when he came into power
  • German race was the most superior race
  • must get rid of al other races-most importantly, the Jews.
  • 1933-Jewish population of Europe was over 9 million
  • by the end of the war it is less than three million-6 million killed by nazi's
  • 2/3 of total jewish population killed in holocaust-hitler called it his FINAL SOLUTION
  • therefore, german dominance could start a thousand year gain over the world
  • concentration camp-seperate families between women, men, children, elders
  • people put into lines and were evaluated for work-if they could not work they were executed
  • worked slowly to death-and starved
  • Nazi camps began to be liberated by British and US 
  • took jews and put them onto train cars and hauled them to the concentration camps-when they arrived they were split up or sent directly to the gas chambers
  • Arbeit macht frei-work will make you free (auschwitz slogan)-really work put them to death
  • when British and US first came-they found these horrific conditions in barracks, burned bodies, skeletons, etc.
  • British and US were able to fly over camps and could see the camps
  • why didn't they bomb the camps?
  • british made nazi's flee, then the british came in and found the jews

  • battle of britain- 1940-1941

  • Germany goes back on non aggression treaty with russia and invades socket union-Battle of Stalin grad August 942-February 1943 2 million dead

  • pearl harbor-japan invades US-finds common enemy with Germany in the US-supported Germany and Italy-dec. 7, 1941-draws US into the war

  • US will take on Japan at Midway-Japanese fleet is virtually destroyed and US marines go island to island and in 1945-atomic bombs dropped on Japan

  • US gets involved with Europe-first sending troops with britain into N. Africa
  • first nazi war with US was D'Day

  • Normandy Invasion 1944-general in charge of camapaign is Isenhower -will be president after Truman

  • Battle f Berlin-final major battle fo war-russians come into Berlin-racing US and Brits to ge their first. wants to get back at germany after Stalingrad-let the russians get there first out of respect/in the battle of berlin the russians lost 70 thousand men. let russia get weakened

  • HItler is in Berlin during the battle-ultimately, he and his wife commit suicide and their bodies are burned by the nazi's so that they could not be captured by the russians-berlin is decimated and the war has come to an end

  • how did it stop?-US and communists suspicious of eachother-there is a loose alliance that allows them to have a common enemy
  • 1945-Yalta conference-Roosevelt and Churchill prepare for the end of the war-decide what will happen with the borders of countries in Europe-including Poland which was exiled in it government
  • FDR dies before end of war-Truman comes along and orders bombs to be dropped on Japan to end the Japanese campaign-Turman supports the Martial Plan-out fo the Yalta conference-the borders of German will be changed and the economic situation cannot occur again in germany from WWI-reparations is now seen by leadership as a main reason for the war. a plan is developed-the US is going to make an enormous investment in rebuilding Germany . US creates the modern Europe we know today
  • societ union is agains this because they do not want the US to be incompetition with Europe at their doorstep

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