Thursday, May 5, 2011

cold war

Khrushchev-ruler after Stalin-during the cold war, responsible for partial- de-stalinization

  • supported Stalin's purges 
Perstroika-political movement of Communist Party of Soviet Union-meaning-the "restructuring" referring to restructuring the Soviet political and economic system.
during the 1980's-towards the end of the soviety union
related with Gorbachev-nine years later, the berlin wall comes down
new president comes in to run the soviet as it is falling apart-Yeltson-in 92-the soviet union comes apart when Yeltson has to leave
Kennedy becomes president and is assassinated in 63-followed by Linen Banes Johnson
Johnson famously runs the ad of a young girl picking flowers when an atomic bomb alarm goesoff

  • with the fall of the soviet union-russiabecomes russian federation
  • all of the allied countries in eastern europe because independent countries
  • the countries within central asia-kasechstan, ukraine, ---become independent
  • end of soviet union-battling soviet afgahnistan war-osama bin laden was fighting soviet union-US fighting with Osama bin Laden
  • when Afghanistan wins- they turn on us

  • Relations between SOV. and US were bettered during the Strategic Arms LImitation Talks (SALT) treatyu-
  • the treaty stops the nuclear drawdown movement 

  • Sputnik program- 1957-big guiding factor that has an enormous effect on us today
  • robotic spacecraft missions launched by the soviet union- US are upset that the soviets advanced before the US with the Sputnik-
  • US makes an investment in [ublic education in math and science-changes everything
  • Kennedy claims that by the end of 1960's he wants men walking on the moon
  • spae race between russia and the US
  • we win- 1969-neil armstrong walks on the moon
  • development of NASA and military technologies lead to things we use today

  • Arba league-regional organization of Arab states in NOrt and Northeast Africa, and southwest Asia

  • czech republic-stayed a democracy during WWI
  • landlocked country in central erupt that became a republic after Cold war
  • member of nato since 1999
  • czechlislovakia and yugoslavia only heldtogether by dictators

  • genocide in 1990's
  • put down by the CLinton administration

  • Ghana-first colony to become independent from Britain in 20th century-first one in africa
  • Post Colonialism- wingspread independence of colonies from Europe
  • India becomes independent from Britian through Ghandi-
  • part of india broke up into pakisatan
  • 1950's development of paistan was a muslim state and indian muslims went to

  1. Iran-IRaq war
    1. different kinds of muslims
  2. osama bin laden and sudam husan did not like each other

  • 1967-six days of war in which isreal fights for golden heights
  • isreal and egypt

  • Margaret Thatcher-force in british politics in the 1980;s
  • conservative-staunch allie of regain and staunch anti-communist
  • in cold war against soviets

  • nelson Mandela-president of south africa in 1994-white africans had been 
  • brainwashed to have bad education and were not allowed to take part in society
  • south african independence

  • Musharraf-leader of pakistan in 1990's 
  • us will be doing business with Pakistan on the war of terrorism after 2001
  • all that time, Osama bin laden has been living in a compound next to Pakistan's military school

  • LECH-valenza leader fo solidarity movement against soviet union-won nonviolently
  • European union is developed in Bursself Belgium

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