Tuesday, May 3, 2011

atomic bomb

pacific theater-Japanese had attacked pearl harbor 1941 and the result was that the Americans entered the war against japan
battled japan across the pacific-battle of midway-US caught japanese fleet-
head up through japan and korea-brutal battles
FDR dies and truman comes int he make the decision that they had to use the atomic bomb
developed through WWII in the 30's and 40's-experiment called the Philadelphia experiment
project working not the a bomb
White sands of New mexico-allamegoro-did all of the atomic bomb testing
2 bomb dropped 150,000 people dead- 2 cities dropped off the map
russia signs 20 year pact of friendship with poland
russians were moving forward and not paying attention to provisional government that british americans had hoped for for protest 

Roosevelt had a decent personal relationship with Stalin-they felt like they could trust each other
there was complete difficulty with communism from roosevelt
stalin had compelte difficulty with us capitalism
they felt like they could be allies however
roosevelt dies unexpectedly-truman comes in
truman is suspicious of russian-soviet ambassador comes in to discuss with truman and truman rejects all fo this ideas
part fo the tension has to to do with poland-Germnay had invaded poland in beginning of WWII-Germany was out and they had to decide what to do with it
wanted a democratically elected government in poland-russia wanted a government in poland that would be a friend of russia
this causes further tension between US and Russia
in Japan, US bombers had been targeting Japanese cities like tokyo
during fire bombing of tokyo they wipe out center of the city-by autumn of 45 the war should have been over with just the continuation of conventional bombing 
there were very few industrial areas in Japan left-wanted Japanese to surrender
Eisenhower -the leader of the Allied forces against he nazi's in europe-he will become president after truman
japanese soldiers surrender
new japanese cabin made its first move

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