Tuesday, April 26, 2011

World War II

most demanding section on the AP exam


soviet union-reamins an allie with partners from WWI
however, they are becoming more isolated as they take on the project of creating a communist society
increase industrialization because they need factories to make ammunition and military materials

especially with Germany-growing power and contempt because they have reparations to pay-this adds to the anti-Semitic feelings in Germany
-hitler-anti soviet, anti-communist, and anti-jew
hitler was not working in a vacuum-
facism-in Italy with Moussolini; becoming dictator and ruler of new roman empire
invades north africa to go for oil well and trade routes there
lingering relationship going back to 1920's today
FACISM-beleif in a very select view (dictator) ruling the governmental power of the people. in the hands of private interest with direct connection to dictator-no say at all
give people pleasant life for this
spreads to spain
facist in Spain are lead by GENERAL FRAnCO-spanish civil war-consider it the precursor to WWII
Franco allows German air force to practice its bombing runs by bombing civilian population of Guernica, Spain
Basques-people lived on Spanish side of Pyronese
thousands dead-picasso's painting GuernicaPicasso-Guernica.jpg
Germany becomes a hotspot for scientific thinkers
In prison, Hitler writes a book on the reason for the troubles in germany-Jews and Socialists
hitler has more power out of jail
hitler wanted to confuse his audience-hitler was anti-socialist-calls his party the NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY-propoganda against germany population
georbbles-minister of propaganda

hitler had been in power for four years
civil war in spain was a dress rehearsal for second WW
the democracies of united sates and britain had failed to aid against fascism initially
George XI was corinated in England during this time

united states was emerging from its economic problems

1939-nazi germay was strong and confident
land was seized in slovakia
Germany was in depression when HItler first came to power
England-king of England abdicated the throne-king Edward fell in love with a girl from Baltimore and left the throne for her
George XI must come to throne
hitler solidifies power unto himself
parliament of Germany catches fire-Hitler as Chancelor takes emergency measures
--claims parliament is barred and he must take full power of Germany
--hitler works on industrialization of the country; wants to build a modern army
----tanks become serious weapons of warfare
-blitzcreig operations
british army appeases Germany-does not want to go to war because of the travesty that happened to England in WWI-more than happy to come to terms with Germany
Franco comes to power in spain-wants to crush Republicans in country
-spanish civil war-bakced by fascists
-republicans backed by rest of western europe, except Eng and US never "formally" join the war
fascists win and franco takes power-fracists have spain italy north africs and germany
Hitler feels confident and stars to make his move
1939-annexes austria-took it for Germany
British starting to see that Hitler was not what he said he was
HIter claimed he would keep the German boarders in place-Hitler will invade poland and france is protesting this, russia is protesting this,
hitler goes right into poland and rolls it over in a week
polish army was completely un prepared

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