Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Timeline of WWI

January 18, 1871-Bismark unifies Russia and German Kingdoms-William I proclaimed Kaiser
May 10-French signs treaty to end Franco-Prussian watr
1888-William I dies and William II becomes ruler
1894-Nicholas II becomes Tsar of Russia
january 22
June 28, 1914-Franz Ferdinand is assassinated in Sarajevo-duke of Austia-hungarian empire
july 28-austria-hungary declares war on Serbia
war between austria and serbia
Austra hungary allies with russia
french allied with russia-allied with Serbia
italy with austria
english allies with Russia
Aug.1-germany declares war on Russia
aug 3-germany declares war on France
Aug 4-Germany declares war on Belgium to defeat France quickly-britain then declares war on Germany
Aug 6-austria Hungary declares war on Russia
aug22- "The Battle of the Frontiers" 27,000 frrench soldiers die on this day in an offensive trust to the east of Paris, towards the German borders
August 26-30-German army achieves its greatest victory of the war on the Eastern front against Russia at the Battle of Tennenberg-led by ErichLudendorff and Paul 
sept. 5-10-first battle of the Marne halts German incision in France
Sept 15-Frist teaches of the Western front are dug
Dec. 25-Unofficial Christmas truce declared by soldiers in the trenches along the Western Front
-beginning of trench warfare

jan.-war becomes total war-with German Zeppelin air raid on England
feb. 4-germany declares submarine blockade 
april 25-allies begin nine-month battle for turkish peninsula Gallipoli
May 7-U-boat sunks in Lusitania. 1,198 civilians inclusing 128 americans die
aug30-germany responds to US anger by ceasing to sink ships without warning
sept5-tsar nicholas takes command of the russian armies
sept 15-british use gas in battle near Loos, but shifting winds cause 60,000 British casualties
Dec. 19
Dec. 28

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