Wednesday, April 27, 2011


the Furer- or the Leader of the entirety of germany public who is required to accept him as the cause of any benefit in their life
to go against the Furer is to go against the state and they will be executed

  • in England, there is a coronation of a new king 
  • Stoland killing his own people
  • non-aggression pact-gremany and Russia say that they will not put up arms against each other
    • this will not be maintained but it occurred in 1939

  • invasion of Poland by Germany began the WWII-took Germany a month to occupy the entire nation
  • the Blitkreig-lightening war=-style of warfare that the nazi's came up with-
    • bomb the hell out of them, then bring in tanks and run them over, very fast
  • Britain marches off to war
  • hitler then turned his attention to the west
  • Britain prepared for the worst-airrade drill is practiced at schools
  • the phony war/the bore war-people tired of all the drills they must practice for the incredible things that have yet to occur

  • May 10th 1940-germany troops went to france, netherlands, norway, and belgium
  • british troops in france were retreating
  • civilians in france got together their belongings and abandon their houses to get away from war
  • troops were hungry and thirsty

  • nazi's getting best of treatment
  • 300,000 exhausted soldiers were 
  • last of british allies in france in 1940 leave because of being under so much heavy fire from Germany artillery
  • France is split into n. and s. areas. 
  • its called Vichy France- german people govern nation
  • vichy france is a hot bed of france resistance where they fight agains the germans
  • french people were refugees until they could not find any other place to go

  • Winsten Churchill-
  • churchill is know for making the victory sign-reversed is the way British people flip the bird
  • the blitz-heaving bombing of english cities-in the skies
  • 40,000 people killed and 2 million homes destroyed
  • BATTLE OF BRITAIN-won by Britain

  • Hitler prepares for a new war-invading soviet union-
  • Hitler cannot crush Britain and Britain withstands the blitz
    • nightly airbomonbing in 1940-1941 for 6 months
    • hitler does not go for a land invasion
    • chooses to invade soviety union
  • invading cities because that is where the infrastructure and industrialization is

operation Barbarosa-name Nazi's gave to invasion of Soviet Union
  • 3 million men move to east
  • treaty with russians is about to be invaded
  • german officers toasted largest army force in history
  • june 22, 1941-german troops cross boarder
  • 1000 miles of war from Baltic to Black Sea
  • 3 million soviet soldiers were captured
  • prisoners of war die

  • Germans head towards moscow
  • fail to take moscow and many years of bloodshed to come.

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