Thursday, February 17, 2011

Term Paper idea

think about-what is my question?-Why was Chanel averted to Women's clothing in the late 1800's
Analytical rather than descriptive
thesis question must answer question of "why?"-arguable
only put things in there that have to do with argument
lay out argument in thesis-sets the paper
good argument is elegant
24 primary sources-do not just have to be text
quotes do not count towards word count-
first time people are mentioned use first and last name; then later throughout the paper use only their last names
verbs should be in past tense-never change tense of verbs in passage that your quoting
active voice-NO PASSIVE VOICE
no anachronistic words-instead of using "modern" use contemporary because contemporary is not situated to a special time period like "modern" does
don't use counter to describe something that is not a country
underline book titles for handwriting but put them in italics for type face
works cited in apa format

  • always nubbier the pagers of your paper
  • always double space your papers, use a ten- or twelve- font, and stick to the standard set by your word-processing program
  • papers should be stapled. Papers clips, plastic clips and ornamental binders should not be used
  • use spell check
  • always do many drafts

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