Monday, January 10, 2011

Practice test questions

  1. galileo- astronimist who improved the dutch microscope and supported heliocentricism-
  2. Keppler-
  3. Tycho Brahe-
  4. Capernicus- came up with a heliocentric idea
  5. what three states/empires bordered the area between france and russian-HRE, Ottoman empire-turks, Poland (republic)
  6. reformation left holy roman empire devided between catholics-eventually austria and prussia rose up as leading german states
  7. Poland-republic that elected monarch with limited authority-worked as the figurehead for polish nobility. Nobles have power. Monarchs no usually from Poland
  8. What is the problem with this?-left a lack of centralized authority figure that leads to a power vaccuum- authority is spread way out...very vulnerable
  9. 16th century who is the great leader of the Ottoman empire-suleiman the great-
  10. Ottomans and turks were great threats to the Hapsburg and were kept at bay-
  11. Hapsburg-seated in spain but ruled Austria as a catholic power-very multi-ethnic but catholicism unties them
  12. Charles XI-reigned in first half of 18th century-*****pragmatic sanction-the territories of the hapsburg empire are inseperable; therefore, because he did not have a male heir he was going to pass his empire on to his daughter Maria Theresa. Sanction brought up so taht she would get this inheritance. In exchange, he made deals with the other countries, including england, that there would be peace. Charles dies, and almost immediately the sanction is brought into difficult situation because Frederick the Great invades part of Hapsburg empire
  13. Prussia-with the rise of prussia 1. hohenzollern family was the strongest family in prussia; 2. Brandenbourg- 3. Junkers- prussian elite 4. estates- 5. Fredrick William 6. Frederick-son of William 7. Frederick William I  (Not Fredrick William)
  14. Russia- after turks took over Constantinople, Russia thought itself as continuing the Eastern Orthodox traditional- relatively isolated
  15. Tzar-
  16. Czar-
  17. Ivan the Terrible-1660-reign continues this isolation and sense of apartness from rest of europe. renaissance never takes hold in russia.When he dies, Russia goes through Time of Troubles
  18. Time of Troubles
  19. Michel Romanov- new tzar of russia-makes dynasty that lasts until russian revolution-1613-1917-
  20. Peter the Great 1789-1825revognized that russia was behind -wanted to make it more western-
  21. prince henry navigator-portegul madiras and Azores
  22. Bartholomew Diaz-Portugeuse- reache tip of africa
  23. Pedro gabral-proteugul first to get around cape of good hope and then found brazil accidentally
  24. treaty of todesillas- 1493, year after colombus came to new world-effectively split south america in two with proteugues getting brazil
  25. Chritopher Columbus-spanish found america
  26. vasca de balba spainish-found pacific by sailing thoruhg panama
  27. cortez-spainish faught aztecs in mexico
  28. frencesco pizarro spanish-incans in peru
  29. small pox killed incans
  30. magellhan-spanish first man to circumnavigate the globe
  31. Ponce de leon found florida-searching for th efoutnain of youth
  32. privateers-free reign to raid spanish ships by Elizabeth-pirates from england
  33. sea dogs-john hawkins and francis Drake-privateers 
  34. 1620-PLymouth-pilgrims=puritans
  35. jamestown-1607-colonists for money

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