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France 1580-1715

1598- Henry IV King of France issues Edict of Nantes-grants religious toleration to French Huguenots
Henry IV is established as a politique for this

French Tax System
big problem in this time period because the nobility was exempt from paying taxes

Sully- Henry IV appoints the duck of Sully
middle class man- cannot completely fix the tax situation but makes it sufficient
people can see their taxes of towards something in the city

Nobility of the Robe- 

1610- Henry IV is assassinated
from the family of the House of Bourbon
Great family of France

Henry's son will become king but he is only 9 years old
Louis XIII
1624- Cardenal Richelieu takes charge as regent
1624-1642- Richelieu is the real ruler of France--wants to strengthen royal power in France-Politique--put politics ahead of religion
Richelieu wanted to knock down the up and coming nobles--divides up France into 32 segments
each segment was given intendants that ruled for Richelieu
intendants were middle class so that they were more loyal to Richelieu
Richelieu wanted to get the Hapsburg to lose power and supports Protestants in the 30 years war so that the Hapsburg does not get anymore power
Luois XIII and Richelieu dies 1643 and 1644 respectively

Louis XIII has a son Louis XIV
known as the sun king
most dominant figures in French history
his chief minister Jules Mazarin-also a cardinal
as the new king was crowned rebellions came out-les frondes
point of rebellion was to limit the power of the king
caused Luois XIV to leave Paris
says "Je suis l'etat"- absolutism "'etat c'est moi"
builds palace of Versaille to get out of Paris

Bishop Bossuet- theorized the divine right of kings
the principle architect of the idea of absolutism in the 17th century
Louis XIV liked him very much

Louis XIV was the first and greatest absolutism
power of intendants goes up and nobility has to owe legions to the king
nobility has no job unless

describes Louis

Jean-Baptiste Colbert
appointed by Louis XIV to be minister of finance
Colbert who instituted the practice of Mercantilism
gov. control of all aspects of the economy
French also has major colony in America- Quebec
Colbert who encourages the fur trade in Canada-perfect way to use a colonies to enhance the mother country

1685- france has population of 19 million
1 million are huguenots
louis XIV revokes edict of nantes because he does not need them anymore
all protestant churches are closed and protestants forced to become catholic
problem: french working class is heavy huguenot
when it was revokes voer 200,000 working class left to other countries
diminishes France's industrial copacity

sets out on a series of wars
Wars of Louis XIV
in this time, France was the most populated nation
France had become most powerful after 30 years war
reasons for wars:
1.wanted france to expand its borders
2. wanted to make France a global power by inheriting the Spanish holdings

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