Tuesday, November 16, 2010


  • JAMES I OF ENGLAND = JAMES VI SCOTLAND--absolute monarch
  • ...remember : scots = calvanism / english = protestantism / ireland = catholic
  • JAMES DAUGHTER Elizabeth marries Fredrick V of Bohemia-
  • drags James into 30 years war
  • James died of old age and was followed by son Charles I
  • CHARLES I- fought against catholic powers, alienated through religious policy, absolute monarch
  • 1637- charles introduces a new prayer book to Scots
  • 1640- summons english parliament because his attempts to crush scots went wrong
  • charles has little supporters 
  • 1641- ireland catholics rise up in arms agianst england and scotland, killing many english and scottish protestants who had settled in their country
    • political comrpomise could not be reached-Chalres and parliemant could not aggree and england split into two armed camps
  • 1642- civil war breaks out
    • charles'advantage- cornish and welsh foot soldiers
    • parliament advatage- possession of london
  • 1643- charles is overpowered by round heads who gained alliance with scots
  • 1644-charles loses control of N. britain
  • 1645-charles deafeated by parliament's new model army and is it clear that the royalist party has lost
  • charles gave up to scots then handed over to the roundheads
    • does not want to surrender-starts second civil war
  • 1649-seeking peace for Egnland- parliament puts Charles on trial for high treason, finds him guilty, and beheads him
  • republican regime establishes and england ran by New Model Army-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Model_Army
    • stark, military ruling

  • fall of the republic
  • 1649- olliver cromwell sent to undertake the reconquest of Ireland 
  • 1651-effectively completed
  • Charles I eldest son Charles II crowned king of Scotland
    1. Invaded england with scottish army but was defeated by cromwell
    Charles II almost got captured and had to ditch scottland to escape to france
    Parliament took over all of scotalnd
    1653 cromwell-lord chancellor of scotalnd, england, ireland
    Rules with republican success
    1658 comrwell dies
    Son richard follows but is abdicted 8 months later
    Repubic falls apart and charles II comes in and triumphs in london
    Monarchy again
    Charles II is self indulged and not liked by public
    1667 Dutch invade at chatham
    Most pitiful militray defeat of all time for england
    1685-charles II dies
    James flees to france allowed for william and mary to come into power as protestants
    1689-french army with james II goes to ireland where he has many supporters
    1690-battle of boyne-william defeats james
    Act of settlement -1701-power goes to james I daughter eleizabeth after williams death
    Sophia comes next electress of hanover
    1714-last sturat monarch dies, queen anne, and scotland and enlgandbecome one country
    United by George I of hanorvers-GREAT BRITAIN

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