Friday, November 5, 2010

northern renaissance

NOrthern Renaissance

Erasmus- best known text is a Satire called the Praise of Folley

  • satire-ex. saturday night live (a joke with a pointed political message)
  • against Pope Julius II was his greatest satire
  • erasmus continued to write in Latin!!!

Thomas More
  • lawyer, social philosopher, author, statesman, renaissance humanist
  • executed for treason and later bacame a saint
  • wrote a book on social utopia

  • most influential writer of the French Renaissance
  • brought the personal essay into dominance
  • personal essay is a topic from your own point of view

JOhannes Gutenburg
  • invented the printing press-1456
  • changed the Renaissance forever
  • the first thing he prints is the bible
  • ipad of the 15th century
  • in fifty years there are between 8 and 20 million prints after the invention
  • communication can go everywhere
  • one of the major effects is directly on the Protestant Reformation-without the printing press it will not happen and would have been squashed by the catholic Church
  • pamphlets of martin luther could be spread everywhere

martin luther

  • saw a great problem with the hierachy 
  • watching indulgences being sold and saw that they were going back to pay Vatican
  • heavily marketed
  • indulgences-slips of paper that you buy from the church that reserve a spot in heaven
  • on October 31 1517, Martin Luther goes to the Cathedral and he tacks his 95 thesis to the door
    • four key beleifs-salvation is achieved by faith alone
    • the bible is the only valid authority for christian life
    • the church consists of a priesthood of all beleivers-no hierarchy
    • all vocations have equal merit-abolished convents and monestaries 
john calvin
  • beleived that God is all good and people are wicked
  • very few people will be saved from sin
  • every one hated them and thought of them as radicals
  • leader was executed

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