Thursday, November 18, 2010

know this!!!

  • james I
    • james sturat becomes king after death of queen elizabeth in 1603
    • end of tutor and beginning of stuart
    • believer in divine right of kings-power of monarchy directly from god
    • quarreled with puritan members of parliament who wanted to purify english church from hint of catholocism
    • opposed to this preferring hierarchy of bishops present in anglican church
    • no bishops no king
    • needed this for control of england
    • dies
  • 1625- Charles I becomes king
    • son of James
    • beleiver in divine right of kigns
    • in need ot money
    • agaisnt puritans
    • needs a supporter from anglican church
    • petition of right 1628---in return for grants of money, charles I signs law that provides
      • no one will be compelled to pay any tax or lone without any consent of parliament. king is not alloed to levy tax without approval of parliamebt
      • no can be put into prison without process of law. cannot put people in tower of london without trial
    • religion was the most explosive issue
    • with charles' encouragement , william laud wants to turn church of england into a catholic church that does not follow the pope
    • opposite of puritan ideals
    • 1639-loud makes a big mistake
      • tries to impose english book of prayer onto scottish prespertyrian church
      • riot of scotts-prayer book riot
    • scots determined that england will not tell them what to do
    • scots and english go to war
    • charles desperate to raise money to fight war against the scotts
    • 1640-1648-Long Parliament
      • chalres recalls parliament into session 
      • causes constitutional and religious crisis
      • during this time, parliament goes out of its way to undo royal tyranny from charles I
      • execute William Loud 
      • legislate a number of laws to limit royal power

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