Thursday, November 11, 2010

France 17th century

  • alliance between french royalty and the pope
  • in 1516 this was made official with the comcordat of Balogne 
  • the pope says that frence gets to have french bishops
  • get this for that
  • protestants in frace
    • hugenates-calvanists
    • tenth of french population
  • 2/5 and one half of french nobility became hugenates
  • germany is in the east-protestant reformation going on
  • reformation is an era of fast change while keeping much of old religion
    • identities quickly change but plans took time to change
    • teachings took time to change
    • change was political
  • political class takes advantage of revolutions in mainstream religion
  • 1572-batholemues's_Day_massacre
    • charles 9th of france's mother is katherine de medicci
    • with the support of medicci family, st. bartholemue's day masacre carried out
    • thousands of hugenates come to paris to celebrate marraige of margaret and henry of nevare
      • french protestants
    • getting marries on st. Bartholemue's day
    • they and their followers are ambushed by french catholic followers with the medicci
    • over 20,000 hugenates dead
  • this event starts civil war in frnace
  • last 15 years
  • devastating effect on france
    • destroyes trade, agriculture, 
    • french realize that they will fall if they do not bring it to a close
  • during war, french hugeunate- henry navare rises up and becomes the monarch
  • leader of the House of Bourbon
    • hosue fo Bourbon is a Heugeunate house of nobility-leading house of protestants
    • what happened margaret?
  • in 1598, henry becomes king of England and issues the Edict of  Nantes
    • converts to catholicism but issues edith so that calvanism can be freely practiced
    • saves france from complete collapse

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