Tuesday, November 16, 2010

English Civil war

  • middle class wanted to move up in the hierarchy 
  • wanted to revolt-since the middle class was large it was able to be done
  • parliament represented the middle class
  • roundheads-parliament
  • cavaliers-catholic-peasants, nobility, clergy
  • charles V dissolves parliament
  • stuart family in charge

  • reformation was a war that had not yet been won
  • could not stay still and silent
  • Charles V religion protestant
  • puritans declared war between anything at the church
  • charles was married to a catholic
  • in a minority
  • they were in the elite however
  • glorified in slightness of their numbers
  • charles had one man to thank-archibishoop of canterberry
  • ears got cut off

  • in the 1630's charles could see no obstacle to make harmony across the three kingdoms
  • scotland was left presperterian 
  • charles was scottish-took 8 years to travel to coronation
  • first absenty king
  • charles was completely imcapable to harmonizing
  • two kingdoms were completely different
  • scottish reformation- calvanism struck in electryfying bursts of conversion

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