Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DBQ Format Quiz

1. What are the range of scores on a DBQ?- 0-12
2. If a DBQ answer does not have a thesis statement what is the highest score you can get? 4
3. If you have 12 documents what is the bare minimum documents that must be cited? 4
4. explain what bias is-taking a side to a statement.having an arguement that makes up a thesis and an understanding
5. what are groupings?- sections explained on a topic that relate to the key points of the thesis
6. (document 5).

1 comment:

  1. *the score is between 0-9
    *correct on number two: score 4
    *bare minimum-one more than half- 7 for this
    *point of view of the document that a specific author gives that makes the document not objective. Subjective is opinionated. ex. english thought they were right and scottish thought they were right. You want to subjective to prove your understanding and gives the thought process.
    *groupings-key points you use in the thesis further explained
    *(doc. 5).