Thursday, October 28, 2010


  • England ruled by one monarch-Italian cite states were ruled by wealthy merchant families
  • Quatrocentto- name that some historians used for fifteenth century Italy
    • Medici family coming to power-Giovanni, Cosimo, Lorenzo-
    • Artists- Giotto-scenic murals; Donatello-sculpture in bronze, stone, wood; Brunelleschi- engineer of the dome of florence cathedral, invented perspective in painting; Leonardo Da Vinci, Bonachelli-artist who mrimarilly worked with pegan myths up until the bonfire of the vanities; Michael Angelo-goes against Lorenzo in as an adult, on the ceiling of the Systine chapel; and Raphael 
    • artwork celebrates the individual with their own look and personality is expressed in art of the renaissance
    • in England there are feudal societies and fatalism
    • in Italy there is no fatalism
    • Oration on the Dignity of Man-most influential writing of the renaissance-
  • Renaissance Spirit
    • liberal arts- rhetoric, antiquity, ...
    • secularism- in Italy
  • Humanism- liberal arts
    • coutiers- the people in the nobility within the court of the princes
    • ex. balsassare Castiglione- a noble born into a very pretigious family
    • wrote a book about how to be the proper noblemen
  • in 1494- Charles VIII of France invades Italy with the hope of conqueing naples
  • Nicollo Machievelli-1529-1597
    • father of modern political science
    • wrote it hoping that he would be put back into power-the bigger context was in repsonse to the Italian wars from 1521-1526
    • any prince could use it to make their city strong again
    • three most important things for prince to know
      • fundementally moachiavelli was very pessimistic about humanity; princes should approach their relations with people from the pessimistic view of society
      • because human nature is selfish and greedy- a prince must be sly-use situations to his advantage
      • a prince must be ruthless and pragmatic- dealing with people you don't like to get what you want politically 

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