Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Key Terms for AP EURO test 1450-1650

  • Humanism: Liberal Art: education in Classics (Greek and Roman Literature), Rhetoric, and History
  • Vernacular: everyday language of a people
  • Important facts: first people writing in vernacular rather than Latin: Cervantes/Don Quixote/Spanish, Chaucer/Canterbury Tails/English, Dante/Divine Comedy/Italian, Martin Luther/95 Thesis/German
  • New Monarchs: Centralized Bureaucracy and professional armies
  • examples: Charles VII, Louis XI, Henry VII, Ferdinand and Isabella/fund Columbus's mission.
  • Taille- direct tax on the French Peasantry.Major source of income because tax was very large
  • Reconquista- Christian Spanish over Muslim Moors: 1492 last Muslim stronghold--Granada--overthrown and kicked out of Spain
  • reconquering against the Muslims in Spain
  • Indulgence- certificates sold by the papacy for the forgiveness of sin 
  • most important thing that Martin Luther was going to fight against
  • Anabaptist- believed exclusively in adult baptism. Also believed in a complete separation of church and state
  • ex. first amendment
  • Predestination: John Calvin believed in this: God has pre-determined all things
  • including who goes to heaven and hell
  • Huguenots: French Protestants who followed John Calvin
  • Politiques- type of ruler: one who puts political necessity above personal belief
  • ex. Elizabeth 
  • Columbian Exchange: transfer of goods between the Americas and Europe. Named after Columbus
  • also includes slavery, animal transport, introduction of non-indigenous plants, and disease
  • Mercantilism- economic philosophy calling for close government regulation on the economy. Maximizing exports and limiting imports
  • Join-Stock Company: business arrangement where the investors raise money for a venture no single one of them could afford.
  • particularly the English Colonists use to develop colonies in the new world

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