Friday, October 1, 2010

Elizabeth Imake

  • Elizabeth II was Protestant and was Anne Boleyn's daughter
  • Elizabeth never married- the Tudor line will not continue in England u=
  • Upon her death, Elizabeth will be succeeded by some one outside of the Tudor family
  • Marriage was out of political convenience. 
  • Elizabeth's choice to not marry was also a political thing- 
    • used the idea of being the virgin queen
    • she did not want to relinquish any of her power to a man
    • kept from getting into any sticky alliances with neighboring countries
  • Spain is going to put together a large fleet of naval ships against England
  • Elizabeth will fight back
  • English will win the battle
movie trailer-
  • must be between two and a half to three minutes long
  • put up on you-tube
  • the trailer should illustrate no less than a half dozen major significant events in Elziabeth's life
  • include primary source material-what people are saying may be directly from a primary source
  • make it really look like a movie trailer 
Mary of Scots-

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